Virtual Meeting

Ballpro Virtual Meeting


While we all have some extra time on our hands these days, now is the best time to book your Virtual Meeting. We want to help you with your next big project. Our Virtual Power Meeting is a solution-selling, brainstorming session designed to help you with some ideas, tips, and solutions for that upcoming presentation and/or sales call. We want to make this format the absolute best web presentation in the business, striving for quality content and presentation. See what solutions Ball Pro and Diversified Quality Kitchenware can provide for you.


All times are booked in Central Time!


What is a Virtual Meeting

* A 30-45 minute video conference to show you what is selling in kitchenware, golf, and other sports

* The sales team at Ball Pro will set up a video conference, and send you the link to get connected.

* Please send any artwork of your current projects or prospect clients and our graphics team will provide free virtual sample for our meeting.

* List any current our prospect client projects you would like to discuss.

* Use the -Book Now- link to select the date and time that your team would like, and let Ball Pro do the rest.


What you will need

* An internet connected computer your team can gather around for the presentation.

What we recommend you have to get the most out of the Power Meeting

* A computer with a microphone to allow for interaction, and questions with the presenter.

* A connected video camera is encouraged for further interactivity.

* Preferably large monitor or TV to maximize the viewing for multiple team members.

* To make the best time we have together, we also recommend testing the link an hour before the meeting is scheduled to begin. This will ensure all software is installed and your hardware is working properly.